Sing for Recovery Musical Directors

During our time as part of the With One Voice organisation we were greatly indebted to two Choir Leaders, namely Michelle Morgan and Anthony Barnhill. Michelle, in particular, managed to convince a bunch of rank amateurs that they could work together to produce beautiful harmonies.

We are particularly indebted to Anthony Barnhill who helped us stay together during the formation of the Sing for Recovery choir in our current premises in the Boroondara Community Stroke Hub at 533 High Street, Kew.

Anthony also introduced us to Hanford Lam when he could no longer devote the time to lead our choir, and he has been our much admired Choir Leader since early 2016. Both Anthony and Hanford are young graduates from the Music School at Monash University, and their patience, perseverance and skill is greatly appreciated. Their contribution to delivering pleasure to stroke survivors, carers, family members and staff at a number of metropolitan hospitals has been critical.

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April 2, 2017